Artist Statement

About these Book Forms….

This series of work is an investigation of the “book” as a sculptural metaphor.

Having taught visual arts at the college level for thirty-two years, I have a great love and respect for books as embodiments and conveyors of ideas, stories, information and other potentials. I also enjoy their tactile qualities of texture, weight, and substance.

The concept of these books is outside of the traditional and expected and, therefore, they must be read differently.

The suggestion is that certain meanings are beyond words and can only be conveyed via the visual and tactile elements that are the language of the visual arts. The viewers must extend frames of reference and respond to substance and nuance.

Often found objects appear, most of them from the natural environment which has always informed, amazed and inspired me with its great mysteries and beautiful solutions to problems of form, color, texture, and line. There is occasionally a musical reference as I often hear composition as a way of seeing/feeling my way to it.

The challenge is to approach an open volume as if it was written by the only speaker of an unknown language and, using one’s own frame of reference for the cues embedded there, attempt to tell oneself a story.

Enjoy the story and the mystery.

Morse Clary

Retrospective 2005

"Retrospective", Esvelt Gallery, Columbia Basin College 2005

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